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Celebrating the Next Generation of Translators


Translator Training Program Graduation Building upon the legacy of past Lotsawas who ensured the preservation of Buddhadharma, the RYI Translation Training Program is thrilled to celebrate another year of graduating students—our future translators! This week, despite busy preparations of the Thousand Buddha Temple opening in Lumbini, Rinpoche made a special trip back to RYI to […]

Special Pilgrimage with Lama Jinpa Gyatso


བསམ་པ་བཟང་པོ་ས་དང་ལམ་ཡང་བཟང་།། བསམ་་པ་ངན་ན་ས་དང་ལམ་ཡང་ངན།། “If the intentions are good, so will be the levels and paths. If the intentions are bad, so will be the levels and paths too.” — Jé Tsongkhapa This past Saturday, May 4th, more than twenty students joined the TTP (Translator Training Program) on a pilgrimage to Patan, led by Lama Jinpa Gyatso. […]

The Center for the Study of Apparent Selves (CSAS): Humans vs. AI – Who Is More Trustworthy?


The team of researchers at the Kathmandu-based Center for the Study of Apparent Selves and Dr. Thomas Doctor, the principal of Rangjung Yeshe Institute and head of CSAS, ask the question: Who is more trustworthy? Humans or AI? To learn more about their work, visit their website.

End of the Semester!


These are a few photographs of our classes of students with their Lopöns and professors. On behalf of all the students, we would like to thank the Khenpo, Lopöns, their translators, professors, language instructors, ALI’s, and the rest of the faculty for a successful semester. For our returning students we hope to see you either […]

End of Semester Community Gathering


On April 17, the principal and directors hosted a community gathering for all our students, instructors, and staff, marking the successful conclusion of another semester. The event featured updates, refreshments, and a focus on RYI research projects. Two recent MA graduates, Mike Smith and Gilad Yakir, presented their work, each exploring different facets of Buddhism […]

Workshop on Micro-phenomenology by Dr. Renée Ford


On March 23, Professor Renée Ford, a visiting scholar at RYI and postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University in Denmark, conducted a workshop on micro-phenomenology, an interview technique that focuses on a short moment of sensorial and affective memory to gain insight into human experience. It is an important technique that anthropologists use in their study […]

Obituary: RYI Remembers Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar


With deep sadness we note the passing of a great friend and visionary for higher education in Nepal, Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar. An alumnus of the renowned Ananda Kuti Vihar, Dr. Tuladhar was one of the founders of Kathmandu University and played a pivotal role in the establishment of Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies […]

New Course Offering!


We are offering the following new courses for our Summer Program and Fall Semester this year which will be on campus only. Summer Program: Buddhist Studies II Buddhist Studies II (TSTD 220) – 6 Credits Compassion in the Nepal Mandala: Exploring Compassion in Philosophy, Meditation & Art  Fall Semester: Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies with […]

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