Student Services

To help students be successful in their studies and living in Nepal, Student Services are available to support students and staff in the following areas:

Counseling and Information Services:

  • Provide confidential advice on concerns and issues, as well as on practical, social, cultural, pedagogical, and other matters related to student welfare.
  • Answer questions with regards to safety, career services, local services, living in Nepal, monastery events and activities, discounts, financial aid, volunteering opportunities, etc. Provide advice with regards to study skills, such as time management, learning styles, etc.

Physical and mental health referral, first aid:

  • Be available for questions.
  • Refer to health professionals.
  • Provide first aid.


  • Give information about accommodation options and maintain noticeboard of available rooms and apartments.
  • Refer for homestays.

Field trips and social events:

  • Organize some field trips and social events.

Orientation programs:

  • Run orientation programs.
  • Organize airport pickups where requested.
  • Providing information packs.

Student Support Groups:

  • Recruit senior students to serve as Student Advisors. Each new student will have an assigned Student Advisor who will be available to answer additional questions with regards to RYI and living in Nepal.

Other student services areas:

  • Alumni services
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Earthquake preparedness training
  • Student Society liaison


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