Ordained Sangha Scholarship

The Ordained Sangha Scholarship initiative was established to support the study of monks and nuns who wish to obtain formal academic degrees in Buddhist Studies. RYI offers a limited amount of Ordained Sangha Scholarships each year. RYI welcomes applicants from all full-time students from all nationalities who have been ordained as monks or nuns in a Buddhist tradition. (See eligibility section for clarification on program enrollment.)

Awards are communicated by July 1 and provide a 100% tuition scholarship for the full duration of the degree program to which the applicant has been admitted. This scholarship is not available for summer program students.

Eligibility: who can apply?

In order to apply for an Ordained Sangha Scholarship award, a student must:

  • Be ordained as a monk or nun in a Buddhist tradition.
  • Be enrolled full-time in the BA or MA program at RYI.
  • Earn a minimum of fifteen credits per semester throughout his or her full course of study. (Note: failure to pass a class in one semester will result in the loss of the scholarship for the following semester.)

To apply for an Ordained Sangha Scholarship award, please complete and submit the online application form here.

Timing and Award Decisions

Applications from eligible students for an ordained sangha scholarship are accepted from March 1 to April 30.

Decisions related to scholarship awards are made by RYI’s financial aid committee in June, with applicants being notified of decisions by July 1.

As a condition of receiving a scholarship, successful applicants are required to prepare one 250-word article with suitable images per semester, two in total per year, for publishing on RYI’s student blog.

Donate to this Scholarship Fund

This scholarship exists due to the generosity of private donors like the Khyentse Foundation. Would you also like to help us support these students? If so, please visit our donation page, or contact us.


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