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Study visas are arranged for those who are fully enrolled at Kathmandu University through RYI. Enrollment in a minimum of nine credits each semester is compulsory in order to receive a study visa. The costs are as follows: US$ 30 per month for a regular student visa, and US$50 per month for research affiliation. On a study visa, students will be able to reside in Nepal for the entire duration of their studies, as long as they remain in good standing with the institute. Study visa is processed only during the fall semester. Students enrolled in the summer program and non-credit study are not eligible for a student visa.

If a student plans to enroll at RYI for a study visa, he or she must first enter Nepal on a tourist visa. During fall orientation, the Finance office will process all the paperwork needed to obtain a student visa. New students will receive information about this process upon acceptance to their program.

Tourist visas can be obtained prior to departure from Nepalese embassies and consulates throughout the world. Students can contact the Nepalese embassy or consulate nearest them for information. Students can also obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. An application form is available online to expedite the process of acquiring a visa upon arrival. Click the link, download and fill out the form. Print the form, and then submit it to the immigration counter at the airport upon arrival. Applicants will need two (2) passport photos and the correct change in US dollars or equivalent convertible foreign currency to facilitate the process. Nepalese rupees are not accepted for this process.

Tourist visas are available in the following increments:

  • Fifteen-day multiple entry visa for US$45
  • Thirty-day multiple entry visa for US$50 at airport (extension US$90)
  • Ninety-day multiple entry for visa US$125 (at airport)

Paper application forms are also available on tables and counters in the immigration arrival hall at the airport. Airport staff may direct new arrivals to a computer to fill out the tourist visa application online. They will also take a digital photo of each applicant. This process can be expedited if the paperwork is completed prior to arrival as the paragraph above explains.

Upon expiry of the tourist visa, tourists can obtain a visa extension for an additional fifteen days upon payment of US$30, or thirty days upon payment of US$50. Tourist visas can be extended at the Department of Immigration office for a total stay of up to 150 days per Western calendar year. If you are going to stay in Nepal beyond that length of time, you must obtain some other type of visa. The requirement for the further process of the study visa will be communicated by RYI to the students directly.


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