Summer Nepali Language Study

The summer intensive language courses are rigorous but students progress very quickly. Completing the equivalent of two semesters of coursework over the span of 8 weeks, students are well on their way towards a high degree of proficiency in Nepali.

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What better place to learn to speak Nepali than in Nepal? Join us for an exciting summer of learning Nepali at RYI, a five-minute walk from the great stupa of Boudha in Kathmandu. Practice what you learn in your classes in real-world situations within the local community as you visit shops, eat at restaurants, and order Nepal-grown coffee or special Nepalese “chiya” in local cafes. 

Your classes will include one-on-one conversation classes with native Nepali speakers, where you’ll learn to speak with people about many interesting facets of Nepalese life, from its varied religious practices, tempting food, strong family ties, and the cultural changes that have come with modern communications and travel opportunities. 

Please consider joining us this summer to begin your Nepali language studies in our Beginning Nepali summer course.  Homestays are available too, providing you with another opportunity to practice your language skills outside of class and immerse yourself in the language and culture you are studying.

Beginning Nepali (NLAN) 6 credits

Like all of the summer language courses, the Beginning Nepali course is rigorous, enabling students to progress quickly. This intensive course allows students to complete the equivalent of two semesters of coursework in eight weeks, setting students on the path toward proficiency in Nepali in both its spoken and written forms. There are no prerequisites for this course. During the summer orientation program, there will be Nepali alphabet classes so you are prepared to start learning the language on the first day of class.

Class Structure

Classes run Monday through Friday. Each day you will have two Master grammar classes, taught by an experienced and skilled Nepali teacher. These classes introduce grammar topics and idiomatic expressions, provide time for drilling to practice new grammar structures, and include such activities as role-plays and games to make learning fun. You’ll also have two classes per day with our Assistant Language Instructors (ALIs). These are one-on-one conversation practice classes where you can use what you’ve just learned in the Master grammar classes, helping you to consolidate your learning quickly by applying and reinforcing it using the newly learned vocabulary and grammar structures.

Class Materials

The course uses Pavitra Paudyal and Andy Krakower’s Ramaaiilo Nepali I and II as the framework for introducing students to the basics of spoken Nepali grammar and vocabulary. Additional handouts will be given, and there are pre-recorded videos that you can watch in our Teams classroom environment to help you prepare in advance for your daily classes and to review difficult points as often as needed. 

To make use of the online resources included with the course it’s best to have access to a PC, Mac or Linux computer capable of running Microsoft Teams, which you can download free of charge. However, Teams will also run on smartphones (iOS or Android), albeit on a smaller screen.

Class Schedule


Master classMon-Fri 8:00 am – 9:00 am and 10:30 am – 11:30 am
ALI Mon-Fri 9:15 am – 10:15 am and 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
Boost class Fri 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Master classMon-Fri 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
ALIArranged by ALI coordinator

All times are NPT Nepal Time UTC +5:45


Beginning Nepali is a university-level course and can be taken for academic credit through Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies, earning 6 credits (12 ECTS). The course may also be taken on a non-credit basis. Expect to spend at least 2 hours outside of class each day for homework and study.

These courses may also be taken on a non-credit basis.

Nepali Homestay

As an integral part of the Nepali courses, participants live with local Nepali families that have been carefully selected by the Centre for Buddhist Studies. This provides students with intensive exposure to Nepali language and a chance to experience life among people in the local community. Families provide breakfast and dinner to the students. Students who wish to not stay with a Nepali family may choose to opt out of this service and arrange for accommodation and meals on their own.

If you are NOT interested in a homestay with a local family, please make sure to tick-mark the box “book the course WITHOUT homestay” on your application form.

Admission Criteria

All applications for the Nepali programs are subject to approval by the Centre for Buddhist Studies.

Students applying to the Intermediate program must present documentation of prior Nepali language studies at a university or from a similarly recognized program. In addition, at the beginning of the program, intermediate students may be given a language placement test to verify their course level.

For more information, please refer to the Eligibility Requirements and Admissions Process for the summer program.


The beginning Nepali course is accredited at the Centre for Buddhist Studies for Nepali I and Nepali II (six credits total).

Fee Request

In accordance with University guidelines, RYI course fees are determined by each student’s home base and nationality. A three-tier system is in effect which covers (i) Nepali students, (ii) SAARC students and (iii) other international students. Please select below to find out the fees structure for your particular circumstances.

You will find the Tuition Fee List for all programs linked on the right-hand side of the admissions page.


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