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RYI Student Society was formed in 2004 by a group of students who wanted to take an active role in helping organize community events and in effectively representing student voices to the administration of RYI. All students can join the clubs. The representatives are elected directly by the student body. The Student Society is a useful forum for discussions of all student matters and for giving students influence in the life of RYI.

Student Society Representatives 2023-2024 ( Olof, Alexi, and Gabriel) and Student Society Current Clubs

Other Events

Student Society has been active in planning excursions such as weekend outings, social work, and community outreach (environmental projects, etc.), and social events such as movie nights or parties. In addition, the Student Society supports several clubs, such as the Poetry Club, the Chod Practice Group, Futsal Soccer Club, the Sanskrit Chanting Club, the Hiking Club, the Chess Club, the Bollywood Dance Club, the Tibetan Dance Club, Swing Society, Music Therapy club, An Alternative Perspective – a club for discussing philosophical texts, essays and literary works outside the “Buddhist” curriculum, Awakening Band, Cycling Club, Tibetan Culture Emersion, Environment Club, etc.

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