We are happy to announce that our graduate programs are all being offered on campus for the 2023/2024 academic year, and new MA students will be required to join the program on campus for the first three semesters of their programs. RYI has returned to campus with its MA programs because after a two-year hiatus, we more clearly recognize the value of being present on campus within the Buddhist environment of Boudha, with its access to monastic learning, Tibetan and Nepali speakers, and a climate of reflection and practice.

Visit our admissions page for application details and program-specific dates

Fall 2023 Calendar:

  • August 16th New Student Orientation
  • August 23th Returning Students Orientation
  • August 28th Lectures Begin


Graduate studies are for those students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree and wish to study in our MA program, or for those who have obtained an MA degree and wish to study in our PhD program or undertake independent research.

Researchers with at least an MA degree are eligible to apply for Research Affiliate status with us as long as their topic of research is compatible with the mission and research interests of CBS.

Students who either have completed a bachelor’s degree in a different area or do not fulfil the requirements to join the Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies program have the option to apply to MA-preparatory program. This preparatory program facilitates the acquisition of basic knowledge needed to be successful in the MA in Buddhist Studies degree. Students take undergraduate-level courses to in order to prepare for the MA Buddhist studies program.

MA Programs

The MA program is a 2-year (4 semester / 60 credit) program that combines graduate-level seminars with extensive research in primary source literature and languages. The program provides students with the methods and skills required for mature academic research, and develops their abilities to undertake independent research projects within the field of Buddhist Studies or translation, textual interpretation, and philology. Read more…

MA Preparatory Program

The Centre for Buddhist Studies offers an MA preparatory program in Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language to prepare students to join one of the Centre’s MA programs or a Buddhist Studies, Area Studies, Religious Studies or similar MA program at another university. Read more…

PhD Program

The PhD program at Kathmandu University Centre for Buddhist Studies (CBS) is a 3-year research program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The aim of the program is to develop each student’s ability to undertake academic research projects within Buddhist Studies to the highest standard and to elicit substantial new findings in the field. Read more…

Research Affiliation

Each year, scholars from around the world visit CBS to undertake research for their graduate, post-graduate, or independent projects. CBS offers the unique opportunity to benefit from the rich resources of a vibrant monastic institution of learning as well as a broad community of western-trained scholars. Research affiliation is offered through Kathmandu University. Read more…


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