Sample a Class

Are you interested in attending Rangjung Yeshe Institute, but want to know exactly what it would be like before making the decision?

Embarking on a degree program is a big decision, and you may be reluctant to take the leap without knowing exactly what you are getting into. To help you decide, RYI offers the option of sampling classes for up to five days, as an observer, free of charge. This opportunity is available for on-campus classes in Boudha only.

• Get direct experience of what studying at RYI is like by observing actual classes

• Get a chance to meet and ask questions of RYI students and faculty

• Visit classes from September through mid-December, or from January through late April

• Register in the RYI office at least one day in advance

• This option is available only for undergraduate-level classes, although exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis

RYI staff will work with you to determine which classes would be suitable and will notify faculty that you will be a guest in their classes. You may sample as many classes as are appropriate each day over the course of five days.

Many students have enrolled in RYI degree programs as a result of having participated in the sample a class program. To inquire about this opportunity please contact us at


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