Although it is not currently possible to stay at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, a wide range of accommodation is available within a few minutes' walk of the Institute. Most students rent self contained apartments in Bodhanath but rooms are also available at local guest houses and hotels. Other students choose to live with Nepalese or Tibetan families, either as a requirement of their particular courses, or through personal preference. RYI maintains a directory covering all of these options.

Guest-Houses & Hotels

Most of the rooms available in Boudhanath are at simple guesthouses. If you have not traveled to Nepal or another developing country before, put all expectations behind you and come with an eye for adventure. When selecting accommodation, be sure to keep in mind your personal needs for space, cleanliness and facilities, such as internet availability. Then try to bring these expectations into line with what is available in your price range. For a list of local guest-houses and hotels, please click here.

» Lodging in Boudhanath

For higher end accommodation we recommend our partner hotel, Hotel Tibet International.

Tibetan Homestay

Some students prefer to live with Tibetan families often in order to improve their Tibetan language skills quickly. The Rangjung Yeshe Institute arranges home stays with local families as part of the intensive Tibetan/Nepali Summer Program.

If you are interested in staying with a Tibetan family, please check out our notice board where you can find information of families offering home stay.