Although it is not currently possible to stay at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, a wide range of accommodations are available within a few minutes walk of the Institute. Most students rent self contained apartments in Boudha but rooms are also available at local guest houses and hotels. Other students choose to live with Nepalese or Tibetan families, either as a requirement of their particular courses, or through personal preference. RYI maintains a directory covering all of these options.

Guest-Houses & Hotels

Most of the rooms available in Boudha are at simple guesthouses. If you have not traveled to Nepal or another developing country before, put all expectations behind you and come with an eye for adventure. When selecting accommodation, remember your personal needs for space, cleanliness, and facilities, such as internet availability. Then try to bring these expectations into line with what is available in your price range. We’ve included an extensive list of accommodations near RYI below:

For higher-end accommodation, we recommend our partner hotels, Hotel Tibet International and Hyatt Regency Kathmandu.

Tibetan and Nepali Homestay

Homestay During Summer Intensive Program. For beginning/intermediate/advanced colloquial Tibetan and Nepali:

As an integral part of the Tibetan and Nepali colloquial language programs, participants live with local families that have been carefully selected by the Rangjung Yeshe Institute. This provides students with intensive exposure to the language and a chance to experience life among people in the local community. Families provide breakfast and dinner to the students. Students who wish to not stay with a local family may choose to opt-out of this service and arrange for accommodation and meals on their own. Tuition is adjusted accordingly.


RYI homestay fee: US$ 100

Monthly homestay fee: NPR 30,000 per month. Students will pay directly to the family in local currency.

If you are NOT interested in a homestay with a local family, please make sure to tick-mark the box “book the course WITHOUT homestay” on your application form.”


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