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A Glimpse into BSTD 101 “Buddhist Traditions: History and Culture”


In the undergraduate course BSTD 101 Buddhist Traditions: History and Culture, students explore the historical development of Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia. As part of the life story of Shakyamuni Buddha which this course explores, Ven. Trung Ngyuen, a Vietnamese monastic and student at RYI, conducted the Ceremony of Bathing the Baby Buddha for […]

Weekly Meditation with Lopon Sangye Kyab


Join us weekly for meditation guidance and instruction, designed to support your practice. Lopon Sangye Kyab will lead us, through one-hour sessions, where we will alternate between receiving instructions on the stages of Samatha and applying them in practice. There are no prerequisites and you are welcome to join us any Friday. Time: Sep 8, […]

Special lecture panel with Oregon State University faculty on the Intersection of Buddhism and Academic Careers.


Join us on Wednesday August 30th at 5:00 pm NPT for a special lecture panel with Oregon State University faculty on the Intersection of Buddhism and Academic Careers. This lecture will be available both on campus (classroom 103) and online.   The academic careers of John Edwards (Professor of Psychology at Oregon State University) Dee […]

Public Lecture: Presenting Himalayan Art to the Global Community


Join us on July 31st, for “Presenting Himalayan Art to the Global Community”, a guest lecture with Dr. Elena Pakhoutova. Project Himalayan Art is the Rubin Museum’s largest and wide-reaching institutional initiative to advance the field of Himalayan Art globally. With Buddhism and Tibet at the center of the cross-cultural exchange of Tibetan, Himalayan, and […]

Chökhor Düchen Teaching with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche


Join us on Saturday, July 21st, as we come together to observe the auspicious occasion of Chökhor Düchen. This special holiday commemorates the first turning of the wheel of Dharma by Shakyamuni Buddha and provides an opportunity to reflect and cultivate sincere gratitude for the teachings. To honor this momentous day, our founder and constant guide, Chökyi Nyima […]

Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way: Part II with Professor Thomas Doctor


Professor Thomas Doctor is back for Part II of Nagarjuna’s Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way, the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā (MMK). This text is foundational to the Madhyamaka school of Mahāyāna Buddhism and is considered to be the most profound exposition on the philosophy of emptiness, śūnyatā. This study will begin with Chapter Six of the text […]


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