Bachelor of Arts

In light of the current situation around the world, and in order to ensure the best possible conditions for students and staff to remain safe and healthy, RYI will offer all of its Spring Semester 2022 classes online.


Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language

The Centre for Buddhist Studies offers a four-year program in Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA). The courses in the BA program fall within two main areas of study: Buddhist Philosophy, History, and Culture, and Himalayan Language. For the BA degree, approximately two thirds of the courses concern Buddhist philosophy while the remaining third consists of courses in Himalayan languages such as Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Nepali, although students can choose to emphasize philosophy over language or vice versa. 

By the end of the BA program, successful students will have developed a broad knowledge of the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition and its historical and philosophical development, and a deep knowledge of the Tibetan approach to Buddhist philosophical study. In terms of language ability, depending on the emphasis placed by each student, he or she will be conversant in modern Tibetan and Nepali, able to read classical Tibetan and Sanskrit, and follow teachings directly in Tibetan, or possess some combination of these skills.

The Centre for Buddhist Studies now offers an option for students who may not be quite ready for the BA in terms of their academic English proficiency. In the first year students focus primarily on English and Buddhist philosophy classes. If by the end of the first year their English has improved to the level required for further BA studies, they may continue to the second year of the BA. For more detailed information please see the information below.

For a detailed description of the program, including Admission Requirements, please download the BA Course Description.

BA Application and Admission

Applicants who have completed Higher Secondary School (through grade 12) and students from Nepali high schools with a minimum score of second division/45 percent are eligible to apply for the program and should visit the Admissions Section of this website before applying.

Please note that applications for the BA program are only accepted for a Fall semester start.

For more information, please refer to the Eligibility Requirements and Admissions Process for the BA program.

English Language Proficiency

All applicants who are not native speakers or do not hold a BA degree from a university in an English-speaking country should submit documentation establishing their English language proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS exam results are acceptable. For admittance to the BA program, applicants must submit a English proficiency certificate of either a TOEFL score of at least 575, a score of 90 on the iBT, CEF/CERF/GeR level in English is B2 or higher, or IELTS score of at least 6.5 and no score lower than 5.5 on any one band. Please note that if you wish to follow the Bachelor of Arts plus Academic English (see below), the proficiency requirements are lower as you will focus on improving your English in your first year of the BA.

Fee Request

In accordance with University guidelines, RYI course fees are determined by each student's home base and nationality. A three-tier system is in effect which covers (i) Nepali students, (ii) SAARC students and (iii) other international students. Please select below to find out the fees structure for your particular circumstances.

You will find the Tuition Fee List for all programs linked on the right hand side of this page (at the end of the page if you are on mobile) under the heading "Tuition Fee List."

Bachelor of Arts plus Academic English

You can now emphasize academic English in your first year of BA study, to prepare yourself to succeed in the BA program. This is the same degree as the Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language however there is a stronger emphasis on academic English writing skills in the first year. RYI has designed this program specifically for non-native English speakers who need to improve their academic English in order to effectively study in the BA program. Students whose English is not at the required standard for the BA will be provisionally accepted into the BA program. 

In the first year of study you will focus primarily on English language acquisition, and you will participate in Buddhist Philosophy classes given by a Khenpo and translated into English. If you meet the required English standards by the end of the first year you will be able to progress to the second year of study and continue to earn credits toward your BA degree. In the second year you are free to choose whichever subjects you are interested in, be that Buddhist philosophy, history, and culture, Himalayan Language or a combination of these.

This additional focus on academic English gives students, who previously would have not met the English requirements for the BA program, the opportunity to improve their language skills while completing the BA at the same time. By the end of the first year your English will need to be at the required level in order to continue with year 2 of the Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language.

Meet Students of the BA

“I have seen myself benefit a lot and I have learned a lot from this course. If you are interested in language classes—the classes at RYI are amazing!--Sanskrit, Nepali, Classical and Colloquial Tibetan. If you are interested in traditional studies like monastic shedra, there are khenpo classes and at the same time we have specialised topics which take a more contemporary academic perspective.”

Laxmi Bajracharya - Nepal -

 “If you are interested in learning Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy in general, then I would highly recommend the BA. The teachers are amazing and there is a wonderful atmosphere here where everything is close. It’s a community of students and I think it is an incredible experience.”

Victor Olin - Sweden -