Public Lecture Series Replays

Throughout this semester, we’ve had the privilege of hosting a diverse group of exceptional guest speakers for our public lecture series, including Swosti Kayastha, Julie DuBose, Andy Karr, Arawana Hayashi, and Jerome Edou. They have delved into various subjects, such as museum curation, contemplative photography, contemplative dance, and Chan painting. You can find video and audio versions of these lectures for replay below. You can also find our entire catalog of past lectures on our SoundCloud here.

Swosti R. Kayastha: “Deities of Nepal”

Listen on SoundCloud

Julie DuBose: “Effortless Beauty”

Listen on SoundCloud

Andy Karr “Contemplative Photography”

Listen on SoundCloud

Social Presencing “Arawana Hayashi”

Listen on SoundCloud

Andy Karr “Into The Mirror: A Buddhist Journey through Mind, Matter, and the Nature of Reality”

Listen on SoundCloud

Jerome Edou “At the beginning, there is a mountain… Chan mind, spiritual painting”


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