Plans to Re-Open Campus in Fall 2022

Dear Friends,

After much consideration, we have decided to re-open the campus for classes in the Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023. Many students have expressed the desire to be back in the community in Boudha and so we are happy to be able to offer our normal range of courses for the:

We will also offer the first-year BA and MA courses live online, so that students who are unsure about returning to campus this year can start their programs from home. This option will be available only for time zones outside of Asia. All degree students need to be prepared to attend classes on-campus in Nepal in subsequent academic years since there is no guarantee that RYI will offer the full degree online in the future.

For those of you who would like to study one or two classes as a non-degree student online, we will continue to offer a selection of Buddhist Studies, Textual Studies and Himalayan language courses under the Non-Degree Program. These online courses will be timed for students residing outside of Asia. 

The Translator Training Program will be offered both on campus and online for the 2022/2023 admission cycle, subject to sufficient enrollment in both sections.

While applications for all programs are currently open, class schedule and times for Fall 2022 courses are not yet available. Please be sure to join our email list in order to stay informed.

If you are a current student in one of our degree programs and feel unsure about coming to Nepal or have any other questions, please be sure to contact us. 

Best wishes, 
Roger Hodgson


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