End of Semester Community Gathering

On April 17, the principal and directors hosted a community gathering for all our students, instructors, and staff, marking the successful conclusion of another semester. The event featured updates, refreshments, and a focus on RYI research projects. Two recent MA graduates, Mike Smith and Gilad Yakir, presented their work, each exploring different facets of Buddhism in Nepal. Mike Smith presented his research project centered on the writings of Dolpo master Tadru Orgyan Tenzin (1657-1737), shedding light on both the spiritual depth of the master and the significance of written texts.

Gilad Yakir presented a  historical research on the stupa of Ramagrama in southern Nepal, believed to be the only stupa to house the original relics of the Buddha. He took us further into the world of myths surrounding the Buddha’s life as well as the insights that archeology contributes to Buddhist studies.

Both Mike and Gilad received support from the Tsadra Foundation during their studies and now contribute to RYI’s programs – Mike as a translator for the Bodhicaryāvatāra course and Gilad as an online course moderator for Mūlamadhyamakakārikā.

The evening also featured a research project by Professor Diane Denis, exploring the application of Buddhist principles to contemporary forms of suffering, such as those stemming from war and famine-induced displacement.

Both presenters and audience expressed their gratitude for the wealth of Dharma knowledge cultivated by RYI and its educational initiatives


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