Chotrul Duchen (“Day of Miracles”)

On the occasion of Chotrul Duchen (“Day of Miracles”) on Thursday 17th March, Rangjung Yeshe Institute, along with the rest of the Shedrub mandala made offerings to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and the monastery.

Dear most precious Rinpoche, 

On this auspicious occasion of these special days of the first Tibetan month and the profound Tsekar Drubchen, your students from the different Shedrub Mandala activities – such as the Bodhi Training, Dharmachakra Translation Committee, Dharma Houses, Dharma Ratna Shop, Dharmasun, Gomde centers around the World, Mönlam, Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Shenpen, and Tara’s Triple Excellence – would like to express our deep and heartfelt gratitude, our endless love and devotion, and request you to please live extremely long, in excellent health, and may all your wishes come true. May your activities flourish everywhere and instantly awaken all.  

At this time of the dark age, the suffering of beings is immense and unbearable. We all need you dearly, precious master! Please never forsake us! We beg you to please continue to teach us, until every single being is fully liberated from the two obscurations and fully unfold the two wisdoms. Bless us so we give rise to profound renunciation, bodhicitta, devotion, pure perception, and stable realization, so we too may benefit beings vastly. Please guide us in this life, during death, the bardos, and all future lives until we have reached full enlightenment. May our minds and your realization forever mingle as one. 

Rinpoche, you are the most precious treasure of this world, the ever- radiating sun of the Dharma which liberates every being you meet. May you shine forever! 


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