Mukund Jha, PhD student 

“I am delighted to share my experience at RYI, a place where my passion for Buddhist studies and Sanskrit found perfect harmony. As a PhD student in South Asian history, specializing in the 18th and 19th centuries, I was torn between American Institute of Indian studies (AII) and RYI, both offering Sanskrit courses. However, RYI’s strong focus on Buddhist studies, coupled with Sanskrit, catered precisely to my academic needs.  

Having previously pursued a graduate degree in history with a minor in Buddhist studies, my research work mainly revolved around women and child organizations. Although I appreciated the quick research topics, I knew my true research approach involved delving deep into subjects, unraveling their intricacies. RYI’s academic-oriented research style resonated with me, aligning perfectly with my development studies background.  

The abundance of Buddhist courses at RYI served as a great inspiration, further fueling my curiosity to explore the depths of Buddhism. The summer courses were a perfect match for my schedule, allowing me to synchronize my studies between RYI and my American university. The timing couldn’t have been better. ”


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