Pavitra Paudyal

Nepali Language Instructor


After graduating as a Nepali major and studying ‘Methodology Training in Teaching Nepali As a Second Language’ at Pitzer College in Nepal in 1994, Pavitra has taught Nepali as a second language to diplomats, development volunteers, expats, US Marines and academic students in various organizations such as the US and British Embassies, CECI and others. Pavitra started teaching at RYI in Spring 2011 and has also been working on her book “Ramaailo Nepali –  A Colloquial Nepali Handbook” together with Mr. Andrew Krakower. She is also working on her thesis for her MA in Linguistics and Nepali literature. Besides teaching, Pavitra finds herself enjoying sightseeing and watching comedy shows on TV.  Currently she resides in Boudha with her husband and two sons.


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