Kashinath Nyaupane

Sanskrit Instructor



Kashinath has first-hand knowledge of Hindu rituals, customs and traditions. He received traditional Vedic education from his father and other Pundits and monks, and knowledge of Buddhism from Saranath Varanasi. He studied Sanskrit grammar and Indian philosophies with traditional Indian teachers. He also has a in-depth experience in local language research and has worked with several linguists.


  • Professor and head of the department of Buddhist Studies (Bauddha darshana) at the Nepal Sanskrit University, Balmiki Campus, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Hindi and Sanskrit Instructor at the Sampurnanada Sanskrit University, Nityananda Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Benares, India

Research Interests

Indian Philosophies and religions, especially Mimamsa Studies, Sanskrit Grammar and Literature, Sanskrit, Hindi, English and Nepali Languages

Current Projects

Mīmamsānayabhusanam: – A Sanskrit Treatise in 12 chapters on Jaimini’s Philosophy., Ksanabhangasiddhi of Ratnakīrti, A Hindi Translation., Tattvopaplavasimha of Jayarashi bhatta, A Hindi Translation., Kālcakratantraraja, A Sanskrit commentary with Hindi translation., Bodhicāryavatar, An English Translation.

Publications In Review

  • Mīmāmsāpadārthavijñānam, A Sanskrit Text on Mīmāmsā with Hindi Translation, Benares : D.K. Publishers, 1994.
  • Mīmāmsātarkabhāsā, Kathmandu: Jayatu Samskrtam, 2001
  • Tārinivarivasya of Sukrtidatta Panta (ed.), Kathmandu 2002.
  • Lahidikriyāyogasamhitā, A Sanskrit Text on Kriyāyoga with Hindi Translation, Benares: Satyalok, 2005.
  • Bauddhapramānasāstram, A sanskrit text, Nepal skt. Academy, 2007

Journal Articles

  • A Nepali Traslation of Śankaracharya’s Daśaślokī. Kathmandu, 1999.
  • The Tradition of Somayāga (Nepali) in Dharma. Kathmandu, 2002.
  • A Hindi article on Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, Kathmandu 2003.
  • More than 100 articles published in different journals and different languages.


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