Joanne Larson

Director of Programs


Originally from upstate New York, Joanne graduated from SUNY Syracuse with a degree in Forest Resources Management. Following several years spent in the private sector in Oregon, she joined the Peace Corps in 1990 and served as a volunteer in Nepal where her interest in Buddhism was first stimulated. After a further spell in Oregon, Joanne returned to Nepal in 1998 to study and teach at RYI prior to taking her MA in Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol, UK. Joanne currently serves as RYI’s Director of Programs and a member of its Executive Committee.


2010-CurrentDirector of ProgramsRangjung Yeshe Institute
2009Director of Online LearningRangjung Yeshe Institute
2007M.A. Buddhist StudiesUniversity of Bristol, UK
1998Instructor, translator, lecturerRangjung Yeshe Institute
1994Director of Corporate CommunicationsRogue Wave Software
1992Writer and TrainerConsultant, Oregon
1990Peace Corps VolunteerNepal
1987Technical Writer and EditorConsultant, Oregon
1983President and General ManagerPacific Crest Software
1979ForesterOregon State Department of Forestry
1978BS Forest Resources ManagementSUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Research Interests

Research interests include Tibetan history, Rang stong and gZhan stong philosophy in Tibet, and the 19th century “non-sectarian” movement.

Publications In Review

  • Copy editor for: Speech of Delight. 2004. Ju Mipham, trans. Thomas H. Doctor (Snow Lion: Ithaca, NY).
  • Copy editor for: Uniting Wisdom and Compassion. 2004. Chökyi Dragpa, trans. Heidi Köppl (Boston: Wisdom Publications).


  • Undergraduate
  • Classical Tibetan I, II, III and IV and Translation Project I and II
  • History of Buddhism in Asia, Madhyamaka Philosophy, Buddhist Scripture
  • Religious Studies Methodology
  • Foundations of Buddhism and Mūlamadhyamakākarikā (Online courses)
  • Translator: Bodhicaryāvatāra


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