Elaine Lai – Translator Training Program

I participated in RYI’s Translator Training Program (TTP) in 2017-2018, and it was one of the most memorable years of my life. I not only had a chance to deepen my studies in Tibetan language and Buddhism, but most importantly, I made some wonderful friends who have changed my life forever. The exposure I had in Kathmandu to all the Buddhist teachings, teachers, and daily life immersed in dharma has been a shining light for me in my years after the TTP, especially since returning to the U.S. for my Ph.D. I highly recommend enrolling in RYI for any of their programs, including their online ones. If you have a chance to travel and to live in Boudhanath, light lots of butter lamps, make pilgrimages, auspicious connections, and many aspirations at these sacred sites. You might find, like I did, that the aspirations I made by the famous Boudhanath Stupa have followed me for years after, keeping me accountable to my vows to never forget bodhicitta and to serve sentient beings as much as I can.


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