WLAN 201 : Nepal Bhasa III

This course builds on the basic understanding of Newar grammar and vocabulary acquired in Newar I and II. Students develop facility with more complex sentence structures and gain a more extensive vocabulary. After a review of the basic Newar grammatical structures learned previously, this course covers increasingly more complex sentence structures while emphasizing practical language use and application so that students become more and more comfortable and fluent with their spoken Newar. In addition to enhancing language skills that are useful for field research purposes, students will study the most common alphasyllabaries used in Newar manuscripts. They will also gain familiarity with the use of the National Archives and the Asha Saphu Kuti, the main repositories of Newar Buddhist manuscripts. During classes students are given the opportunity to practice their skills privately or in small groups with a native Newar speaker.


WLAN 102: Nepal Bhasa II 


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