BSTD 304: Madhyamaka Thought

This course aims to build upon students’ previous acquaintance with Mahāyāna Buddhism by introducing them to recent scholarship on Madhyamaka and through continuing study of foundational Madhyamaka texts (sūtra, śāstra and commentary). Topics include: emptiness, two truths, Madhyamaka dialectics, relationship of Madhyamaka to other Indian Buddhist schools, and Tibetan views on the distinction between Svātantrika and Prāsangika Madhyamaka. Emphasis is placed upon helping students learn to read and interpret Buddhist sūtra and śāstra with the aid of traditional written commentaries and to gain greater familiarity with the various styles and approaches of the modern academic study of Buddhist doctrine and philosophy.


BSTD 203: Fundamentals of Buddhist Philosophy or permission of the instructor.


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