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The work-study program provides support for international students to study at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute (RYI). This program is an opportunity to connect with the RYI community through practical service while, at the same time, offset tuition costs. Work-study awards are available in both fall and spring semesters, but an award is not automatically granted. Students must reapply for work-study positions every semester. Work-study is not available for summer program students. 

Students enrolled in twelve credits are awarded eighty hours of work and compensated with US$912 toward their tuition. Students enrolled in fifteen credits are awarded one hundred hours of work and compensated US$1140 toward their tuition. 

Students are expected to maintain their working hours even during exam periods. For this reason, students who consider applying for work-study are strongly advised to review their study needs and other responsibilities before applying. Work-study students must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average and 80% attendance in fall their classes; students may not use work-study responsibilities to justify a failure to attend class. 

Eligibility: who can apply? 

To apply for a work-study award, a student must: 

  • Be an international student who is enrolled in any program at RYI. 
  • Be enrolled in and attending 12 credits during the semester in which they apply except for new students who have not been previously enrolled in RYI. (Note: failing a class during the semester of application will make the student ineligible for a work-study position.) 
  • Be enrolled in, and attending, classes that earn at least twelve credits in the semester for which a work-study award has been granted. 
  • Be a student in good standing.

To apply for work-study, please complete and submit the online application form here

Timing and Award Decisions 

Applications from eligible students are open from November 1 through January 15 for fall semester work-study positions and November 1 through November 30 for spring semester work-study positions. 

A student’s financial need, articulated on the application form, is one of the primary considerations when allocating work-study positions. Also of great importance is the availability of a job, and whether the applicant has the appropriate skill set to be successful in that job. RYI’s financial aid committee will assess each of these considerations thoughtfully. 

Successful applicants are notified by February 28 for fall, and December 31 for spring. 

In addition to their assigned work-study job, successful applicants may also be asked to help with special events. 


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