RYI Graduates

Jae Pi, 2016

  • “Candrakīrti as an object of reading: a methodological study of contemporary interpretations of Candrakīrti”
  • PhD candidate Princeton University, USA 

Maria Vasylieva, 2019

Andrew N. Hallahan, 2020

  • “The Gods Must Be Angry: A Study of Sacred Geography, Buddhist Belief and Environmental Implications in the Langtang Valley, Nepal”

Han Kop, 2020

  • “The Queen of Great Bliss: A translation of the commentary by Jigme Tenpe Nyima, Including an investigation into the treasure cycle and its synthesis of Nyingma and Sarma Elements”

David Teasdale, 2020

Ellen Johannesen, 2020

  • “Marvels From the Midst of the Sky: A Translation of Trülku Migyur Dorjé’s Inner Namthar by Karma Chakmé”

Rolf Truhitte, 2021

  • “Imaginal Pilgrimage: The Gaṇḍavyūha Sutra as ‘Imaginal Practice Text'”

Johanne Donovan, 2021

  • “Dharmakīrti’s Failure: Two Reasonable Constructions Regarding the Failure and Success of the Svabhāvapratibandha Reasoning in the Svārthānumāna Chapter of the Pramāṇavarttika”
  • PhD candidate at Harvard 2022 

Carla Ott, 2021

  • “Adaptations of the Longchen Nyingtik Preliminary Practices: A Historical, Comparative and Field Study”

Moondil Jahan, 2021

  • “Prajñā in Vajraḍākinī sādhana-nṛtya: A Study of the Significance of Wisdom in the Himalayan Buddhist Ritual Dances Using a Buddhist Female Figure in the Kathmandu Valley”

Champa Lhundrup, 2021

  • “Sino-Tibetan Buddhism:” A Neglected Facet of the Historical Chinese and Tibetan Relationship”
  • Tibetan Language Instructor, RYI 

Utkarsh Chawla, 2022

  • “Buddhist Phenomenology: From the Loka Sutta to the Viṃśikā”

Inka Wolf, 2022

August  Sundin, 2022

Matteo De Micheli, 2022

Monica Thunder, 2022

  • “Connecting with the deity in The Profound Essence of Tārā: Sacred relationship as a path to realizing emptiness”

Kaleb Yaniger, 2022

  • “Blessings in the Nyingma Shedra System: Three Modes to Interpret the Lineage of Realization”
  • Sangye Yeshe Shedra at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling 

Johanna Knutzen, 2022

  • “Demons in Mind and Medicine: An Investigation into how Demons and Spirits Cause Mental Illness in Tibetan Medicine”

Laurence Zhou, 2022

  • “Meeting Dharmendra Through the Tattvāsarasaṃgraha”
  • UC Berkeley, Doctoral student 

Jamyuang Li, 2022

  • “Lost and Found in Time: A Preliminary Study of the Noble Sūtra on Samādhi, the Most Supreme”

Alejandro Martinez Gallardo, 2023

Chholay Dorji, 2023

  • “In Praise of the Lord of the World: A Study of the Sanskrit Stotra of Avalokiteśvara”

Gilad Yakir, 2023

Jiangyong Songmao, 2023

  • “Understanding the gTum mo practice of Naro Chos Drug: An Analysis of Bamda Gelek’s Instruction on gTum mo and Their Role in the Preparation of Death”

Kerstin Kuebast, 2023

  • “Death Dharma – Opening the Doors of Perception, An Analysis of Non-Conceptual Meditation Based on the Ratnagotravibhāga

Venus Gravagna, 2023

  • “Viewpoints of Female Embodiment in the Kālacakratantra

Søren Buskov Poulsen, 2023

  • “An Ethnographic Perspective on 21st Century Monks and the Dalai Lama’s Secular Ethical Vision at Sera Monastery”

Tia Sinha, 2023

Bella Chao, 2023

Claudia Fregiehn, 2023

  • “Who is the Author? Mangtö Ludrup Gyatso’s Essential Nectar in the Collected 
    Works of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo: A Case Study of the Attribution of Authorship in Tibetan Buddhist”

Kinley Dema, 2023

Michael David Smith, 2023


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