RYI Research Affiliate


Marin Adam, PhD 

  • “Buddhist Ethics” 

David Di Valerio, PhD 

  • “Contextualizing Contemplative Practice: Three-year Meditative Retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist Communities of Nepal” 

Vincent Sablich 

  • “Of Mountains and Minds: The Climbing Industry’s Effect on Sherpa Buddhism” 


Alexandra Sukhanova 

  • “The Life and Deeds of mNga’ ris Paṇ chen Padma dbang rgyal According to His Biography by Rig ‘dzin Padma ‘phrin las” 

Alice Millington 

  • Reviving the Forgotten History of Lhastün Namkha Jigme’s (1597-1653) gnas-gsol Ritual in East Nepal 

Anne Kukucka 

  • “Gender, Service Work and Lived Buddhism: Himalayan Women’s Everyday Lives in Urban Nepal” 

Austin Simoes-Gomes 

  • “Female Deity Possession in the Kathmandu Valley” 

Champa Lhundrup 

  • “An Ethnographic Study of Inter-Spirituality in Modern Nepal” 

Gerd Klintschar 

  • “A Study of the Question of Realization of Śrāvakas and Pratyekabuddhas in Tibetan Buddhism” 

Joseph Faria 

  • “Non-Dual Union: The Mahāmudrā Thought of Mikyö Dorje” 

John Pettit, PhD 

  • “Tradition, Innovation and Revival in Contemporary Nepali Buddhism” 

Tong Cheng 

  • The Inner Journey to Khecara: The Flower of the Five Golden Dharmas of the Glorious Shangpa 

Kendall Ogle 

  • “The Sacred Life of Bees: Wild Honeybee Health in the Temple Groves of the Kathmandu Valley” 

Margot Clavier 

  • “Buddhist Rituals in Rö/ Samagaun Village of Nubri Valley” 

Petra Lamberson 

  • “Identities in Situ: The Contested Sacred Sites of Nepal” 

Tina Lang 

  • “The Role of Renunciation in the Oral Pith Instructions of the Chöd Tradition of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, Nepal” 


Elena Sautkina, PhD 

  • “Psychological and Health Benefits of Tibetan Yoga (Trul-Khor) Practices, and Traditional Buddhist” 

Julian Schott, PhD 

  • “Indrabhūtis Jñānasiddhi: An In-depth Study of its Indian Origins and Early Tradition within the Indo-Tibetan Mahāmudrā Teachings” 


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