Undergraduate Studies

We are happy to announce that we will continue to offer our full range of undergraduate courses and programs on campus, with certain courses available online as well.   Language courses and textual studies courses taught by our monastic professors are all being offered live online for students outside of Nepal. Please see the Bachelor of Arts, Non-Degree Program, and Visiting Student Program pages below for more information.

Please visit our admissions page for application details and program-specific dates

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate studies are for those who have completed higher secondary school (10+2) but have not earned a bachelor’s degree, or for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree program in a different discipline and now want to join a program of Buddhist Studies.

Undergraduate students may enroll in the full four-year BA program or alternatively, study in Non-credit Study or Study Abroad programs.

Please note that the entry requirement of a higher secondary school diploma may, in exceptional circumstances, be waived for applicants seeking to enroll as non-degree students, but that such students will not be eligible to receive study visas.


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