Undergraduate Studies

We are happy to announce that we will re-open our campus in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. We will offer the full BA program on-campus as well as the first year of the BA program live online for students outside of Asia. Please see the Bachelor of Arts, Non-Degree Program and Study Abroad pages below for more information.

BA applications are accepted between March 15 and July 1, 2022.
Applications may be received after July 1, but a late fee will apply.

Fall 2022 Calendar

  • August 17th New Student Orientation
  • August 24th Returning Students Orientation
  • August 29th Lectures Begin

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate studies are for those who have completed higher secondary school (10+2) but have not earned a bachelor’s degree, or for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree program in a different discipline and now want to join a program of Buddhist Studies.

Undergraduate students may enroll in the full four-year BA program or alternatively, study in Non-Degree or Study Abroad programs.

Please note that the entry requirement of a higher secondary school diploma may, in exceptional circumstances, be waived for applicants seeking to enroll as non-degree students, but that such students will not be eligible to receive study visas.


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Fall 2022

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Summer 2022

Classical Tibetan,
Colloquial Tibetan,
Nepali and
Buddhist Studies

Applications due May 1

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