Course Overview

We are happy to announce that the TTP program for academic year 2023/24 will run on campus, in the rich environment of Boudha and within the Ka-Nying monastery complex with its thriving monastic community and access to Tibetan teachers and speakers.

TTP applications are accepted from December 1 (for new applicants) and January 1 (for current and returning students) to April 15 (on-campus applicants) and May 1 (online applicants). Late applications may be accepted but will be subject to a late application fee.

Admission decisions will be made by April 30 (on-campus applicants) and May 15 (online applicants). The program will begin on June 7, 2023.

Visit our admissions page for application details and program-specific dates

Course Overview

Courses in the program are a combination of regular RYI language classes and individual translator training classes specifically designed for the Translator Training Program. Class hours are approximately 20-25 per week. The schedule of classes for the 2023-2024 program year is as follows:

DatesCourses TakenWeekly Class Hrs.
June 07 – August 03, 2023 Intermediate/Advanced Summer Course20
August 28 – December 15 (Exams December 11 – 15)
(no classes during reading week, October 23 – 27, or Fall Seminar dates TBA)
Classical Tibetan III (2nd year course) or Translation Project I (3rd year course)3
 Colloquial Tibetan V or VII5
 Tibetan Philosophical Discourse I5
 Translation Training I5 – 7.5
 Reading, Writing Practice1.5
 Dharma Conversation4
 Translation Methodology I1.5
December 18 – January 1, 2023Holidays – no classes 
January 2 – 12Translation Seminar I10
January 15 – April 28 (Exams April 24 – 28) (no classes during reading week, dates TBA)Classical Tibetan IV or Translation Project II3
 Colloquial Tibetan VI or VIII5
 Tibetan Philosophical Discourse II5
 Translation Training II5 – 7.5
 Dharma Conversation5
 Translation Methodology II1.5
April 29 – May 24Translation Seminar II10
 Dharma Conversation5
 Translation Practicum (optional) 


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