Himalayan Languages

Welcome to RYI’s self-paced Online Learning courses in Himalayan languages! Please note that these courses differ from the online courses that we are currently offering online while the campus has closed due to the pandemic which consist of live classes. The self-paced Online Learning courses differ in that the classes are pre-recorded which means the student can decide on their own schedule. The self-paced Online Learning courses offer varying levels of interaction, the formats you can choose from are Self-Study, Interactive and For-credit. For more about the formats please click here for the FAQs. 

RYI’s online courses in Himalayan languages are designed to facilitate efficient and thorough acquisition of the target language. Created for both scholars of Buddhist Studies and Buddhist practitioners alike, they are particularly for those interested in reading and translating texts. Courses are taught using Western academic methodology, integrating technological resources and the support of native speakers.

Courses are delivered via Moodle, an open source e-learning environment. Depending on the chosen format, class sessions will include a short video lecture, visual lectures illustrating grammar points, and various web-based practice materials for vocabulary drilling and memorization. In the Interactive format, students complete homework assignments and quizzes each week that are then graded by a course moderator. Online discussion forums will encourage you and your fellow students to ask questions of the moderator and discuss issues among yourselves.

The Tibetan Alphabet

Read, write, and spell Tibetan in no time at all–this short course gives all the instruction and practice tools needed to learn the Tibetan script in its entirety in a few short weeks. It is perfect for beginning scholars and practitioners alike! Read more…

Classical Tibetan I

Want to delve into Tibetan texts on your own? Get started here with this introductory course! Build a strong foundation with a step-by-step approach to the entire classical Tibetan grammar in one semester, then continue with confidence into more advanced language instruction. Read more…

Classical Tibetan II

Build on what you learned in Classical Tibetan I to become more capable of reading Tibetan texts on your own. Gain experience with applied Tibetan grammar as it is used in actual texts, add to your vocabulary, and develop your fluency. Read more…


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