Celebrating the Next Generation of Translators

Translator Training Program Graduation

From Left: Isis Ming Hao, Zoe Zhonghui Cao, Sukanya Charoenwerakul,Elodie Brootcoorens and Gabriel Köbler

Building upon the legacy of past Lotsawas who ensured the preservation of Buddhadharma, the RYI Translation Training Program is thrilled to celebrate another year of graduating students—our future translators!

This week, despite busy preparations of the Thousand Buddha Temple opening in Lumbini, Rinpoche made a special trip back to RYI to honor these new graduates. Hailing from diverse countries and fluent in multiple languages, these students represent a remarkable potential to serve others for generations to come, like a single drop creating ever-widening ripples.

Rinpoche emphasized the importance of studying Buddhadharma, a privilege for nowadays lay practitioners that was once limited to the monastic Sangha. He stressed the practical application of teachings, reminding us that the goal of studying and internalizing the Dharma is to achieve Buddhahood for the benefit of all beings. Inspired by Rinpoche’s kindness and the purpose he rekindled within us, we hope these graduates become true scholar-practitioners, following the footsteps of the revered Lotsawas of the past.

– Sabrina Yang, TTP Manager

Sukanya Charoenwerakul
Isis Ming Hao
Elodie Brootcoorens
Gabriel Köbler
Zoe Zhonghui Cao


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