Public Talk With Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche – Summer Program 2022

Venerable Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche bestowed precious Dharma teachings to the summer program students of RYI, Gomde Austria summer program students, faculty and staff members, alumni, and the worldwide sangha. The event started with a heartfelt request to Rinpoche from Summer Program Manager, Daniele, to keep teaching the precious Dharma.

During the teaching, Rinpoche emphasized the importance of (physical, verbal, and mental) nonviolence as the basis of all Buddhist practice. In addition to this discipline (śīla) of not engaging in the ten non-virtues, one should engage in virtue as much as possible, and engage in meditation (samādhi) practice and develop wisdom (prajñā). He encouraged the audience to not only study and reflect on the dharma, but it is crucial to also then personally apply what one has learned. Thus, the basis of not harming anyone, will cause one’s mind to become calm, which in turn is the basis for kindness, which then helps one to develop the clarity of  true wisdom. As Rinpoche says, “No calm, no kind. No kind, no clear.”

May the life of our precious teacher be long and healthy. Thank you to everyone who joined us through zoom and live streaming.

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