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This holiday season brings an opportunity to connect with the large-scale efforts being made to rebuild RYI and Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery following this year's tragic earthquakes. Our aim is not only to build back, but to build back better with your support!

RYI is currently sharing space in the monks' accommodation block while new, dedicated classrooms and offices for the institute are being completed.

How can you help? Become a one-time or monthly donor!

Our donors are friends and alumni of the institute from all around the world. A few provide large one-time amounts; many more give smaller sums regularly. All feel a deep sense of connection to the efforts made to develop Buddhist scholarship and practice in an academic setting.

A few dollars a month may seem like a mere drop, but when many drops are collected, the whole ocean can be filled! Your one-time or monthly donation, no matter how small or great, can make a big difference.

To become a partner in RYI's future growth--donate now by clicking below.

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