Rangjung Yeshe Institute’s unique pedagogy is the result of decades of collaboration between monastic scholars and an international academic community of researchers and translators. 

The monastic scholars at RYI have studied at the Sangye Yeshe Monastic College of Ka-Nying Monastery in Nepal, and at Ngagyur Nyingma Institute in India, and earned the degrees of lopon and khenpo. 

Rangjung Yeshe Institute engages with a global network of scholars, researchers and translators in Buddhist studies, who often visit the Institute to share their research. These include scholars and researchers from Emory University, McGill University, Université Laval, and Hamburg University, Harvard University, Université de Lausanne, Boston College, University of Vienna, Agnes Scott College, Williams College, and Humboldt State University.   

RYI is dedicated to helping students master the fundamentals of Buddhist thought and gain proficiency in classical Buddhist languages, enabling them to engage with primary textual sources. RYI supports students to cultivate critical thinking, evidence-based argumentation, contextualization, contemplation, analytical skills, academic writing, and the art of translation.  

Explore the research theses and post-graduation achievements of our Master of Arts graduates on this page.

The principal, Dr. Thomas Doctor, and the Director of Studies, Dr. Julia Stenzel, oversee the program activities. 

Monastic Scholars

Khenpo GyaltsenLopon Thekchok Tendar Lopon Thupten Tsewang
Khenpo Karma Gyurme Lopon Ngawang Sherab  Lopon Tashi Tsering
Khenpo Tsondru Sangpo Lopon Lodro Gyaltsen  Lopon Drubgyu Sherab
Khenpo Urgyen Tenpel Lopon Lungrig GyatsoLopon Sangye Tenzin
Khenpo Lodro RabselLopon Karma Sherab Lopon Sherab Paljor
Khenpo Pema Namgyal  Lopon Urgyen Dorje  Lopon Norbu Samphel
Lopon Shedrub GyatsoLopon Thupten TsewangLopon Lhudup Gyaltsen
Lopon Tsundru Tharchin  Lopon Samten LhundrubLopon Gyurme Sherab
Lopon Zopa Sangpo Lopon Tenzin SherabLopon Sangye Kyab
Lama Drubgyu Tendar  Lama Tenzin JigmeLopon Chophel Gyatso
Lopon Konchog Gyaltsen Lama Sherab DorjeLopon Drubgyu Tenzin
Language Instructors Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates  Senior Academic Advisors
Pavitra Paudyal, Nepali Language Catherine Dalton, PhD, Buddhist Studies Andreas Doctor, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Ngawang Chogyal, Tibetan Language Diane Denis, PhD, Buddhist Studies John Dunne, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Neela Sharma Bastola, Sanskrit Thomas Doctor, PhD, Buddhist StudiesJohn Makransky, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Daniel McNamara, PhD, Buddhist Studies Karin Meyers, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Greg Sharkey, PhD, Anthropology, Religions of Nepal  Philippe Turenne, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Julia Stenzel, PhD, Buddhist StudiesLara Braitstein, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Gerd Klintschar, Buddhist Studies Mattia Salvini, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Artur Przybysławski, PhD Buddhist Studies Roger Jackson, PhD, Buddhist Studies 
Joseph LaRose, PhD Candidate. Buddhist Studies William Waldron, PhD, Buddhist Studies 


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