WLAN 102 : Nepal Bhasa II


Building on Newar I, this course aims to develop students’ ability to communicate in spoken and written Newar. More complicated grammatical structures and further vocabulary are introduced and students engage actively in the classroom to further develop their skills in basic communication. An emphasis will be placed on acquisition of language skills that will facilitate […]

WLAN 201 : Nepal Bhasa III


This course builds on the basic understanding of Newar grammar and vocabulary acquired in Newar I and II. Students develop facility with more complex sentence structures and gain a more extensive vocabulary. After a review of the basic Newar grammatical structures learned previously, this course covers increasingly more complex sentence structures while emphasizing practical language […]

WLAN 202 : Nepal Bhasa IV


Building on Newar III, this course continues with increasingly more complex and nuanced sentence structures and vocabulary usage. There will be continued emphasis on practical language use and fluency in spoken Newar. At the same time, students will enhance their ability to decipher and translate 30  Newar manuscripts, including those written in Old Newar. Students […]

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