OL TA: The Tibetan Alphabet

This short self-study course guides students through learning the Tibetan alphabet. Upon concluding the seven units successfully, students will have gained visual and auditory familiarity with the 30 “letters” and four “vowels” of Tibetan, be able to spell according to the Tibetan spelling system, and read short sentences in Tibetan.

As this is an entry-level course, there is no prerequisite to study. This course is a prerequisite for RYI’s online Classical Tibetan I course.

Students can study at their own pace completing the course as quickly as one week, but will have access to this course in Moodle for four months from the date of registration. Course material is presented as video and visual lectures given by Constance Kassor in English and Tibetan and includes PDF handouts and web-based resources for study and practice.

Students will navigate the course material via Moodle, an open source e-learning environment, and other online environments. Internet access is a requirement for studying this course. Students will have access to this short course for four months from their date of registration.

This course is offered for free as part of the Classical Tibetan 1 For-credit course. Find out more here.

Price: $33

This short course is only offered in the self-study format. Students can register anytime and begin studying immediately.

Resources for this course format include video and audio lectures, visual lectures, PDF handout materials, and external links to Tibetan language learning materials.

Once registration is complete, students will have access to this course for four months.

Additional Materials:

  • Self-study
  • Unmoderated
  • Year-round enrollment

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