Bachelor of Arts Scholarship

The Rangjung Yeshe Institute is delighted to offer a limited number of four-year merit and need-based scholarships, for the Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Himalayan Languages program. The Bachelor of Arts Scholarship is for new students who are applying to study in the BA Program, and not for existing BA Program students.

Existing students can apply for the Merit-Based Scholarship. The value of each award is approximately 50% of the applicable tuition fee. The award is for a maximum of 4 years, subject to achieving a GPA of 3.0 and reapplying each year.

Scholarship award decisions are primarily based on academic merit and personal application statements.

Applicants who wish to also apply for financial aid are encouraged to submit their application by January 15, if they want to be prioritised for financial aid. Applications will continue to be accepted after January 15 until all financial aid has been awarded. Awards will be start to be announced from February 28.

Eligibility: who can apply?

· International, SAARC and Nepali applicants.

· Must have applied for the BA program.

· Students must take at least 12 credits (for credit) each semester for which they receive the scholarship. (Note: failure to pass any class during the fall semester will render a student ineligible for the award in the spring).

· Bachelor of Arts Scholarship students must study on campus.

To apply for the Bachelor of Arts Scholarship, please complete and submit the application form found here

Timing and Award Decisions

Applications from eligible students are accepted from November 1 to January 15.

Award decisions are communicated by February 28.


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Applications are accepted year-round

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